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Communal and yard areas

Those going through the external doors of communal areas must make sure the doors are relocked behind them.

There may not be noise in communal areas. Loitering in communal areas is forbidden. Apartments may not be aired by opening the door to the staircase.

Smoking is forbidden in communal areas and on children's playgrounds, as well as in apartments subject to rental agreements signed after 1 March 2018. In buildings with a no-smoking policy, smoking is also forbidden on balconies, terraces and apartment yards.

For fire safety reasons, no items may be stored outside designated storage premises. The storage of flammable and dangerous substances in communal areas is forbidden. It is not permitted to store any items in the staircases and cellar corridors.

Waste must be taken to designated places, and the instructions on sorting must be followed.

Lawns and plantings must not be damaged.

It is forbidden to post advertisements and signs.

The utilisation times of laundry rooms are from 07:00 to 22:00.