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Apartments and balconies

Neighbours must not be disturbed in the apartments and the building area. In particular, noise and other disruptive activity must be avoided between 22:00 and 07:00.

Apartments must be looked after with care. The smoke alarm must be kept in working order. Repairs and modifications may not be made to the apartments without permission from the landlord.

Water leaks and other defects must be immediately reported to the maintenance company. No waste may be poured or discharged into toilets and other drainage pipes which may clog the drains.

The presence of vermin or pests must be reported to the maintenance company.

It is forbidden to light an open fire in the property area. Grilling in the yard must be restricted to the designated area.

Fire safety must be observed. Grilling may not cause any inconvenience or disturbance to other residents.

Balconies and apartment yards must be kept tidy. Snow must be removed from balconies during winter. It is not be permitted to collect storage material on balconies which adds to the fire load and disturbs the surroundings.

Balcony washing with running water is forbidden. Flower pots must be placed inside the railing. Structures that alter the façade of the property may not be attached to balconies or patios. Cooking is not allowed on balconies.