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Apartment buildings have centralised ventilation that has enhanced operations according to a time programme, in cycles of a few hours.

Terraced houses have apartment-specific or centralised ventilation. With apartment-specific ventilation, the fan must always be kept at least at minimum power. When cooking or using the bathroom, the power needs to be increased. In apartment buildings with apartment-specific ventilation, the instructions in the apartment's resident folder must always be followed.

The discharge valves in the apartments have been adjusted so that the correct amount of air is removed through them. The adjustments of the valves must in no circumstances be altered as this will disturb the ventilation in the entire building. If the discharge valve does not appear to be working after the paper test, this may be caused by an equipment malfunction or obstruction of the valve gap. The valve is removed by turning it counter-clockwise from the outer rim, removing the gasket and washing with dishwashing liquid (the position of the valve centre cone must not be rotated). The discharge valves should be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent dirt from being accumulated in the valve.

The replacement air valves are located in the apartment either on the top of a window or behind a radiator. They are designed to bring fresh air into the apartment, and they must also be cleaned regularly.

The grease filter in the cooker hood also needs cleaning once a month. To clean, remove the metallic grease filter and wash it with either a brush and dishwashing liquid or in the dishwasher.