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Resident’s responsibilities in the apartment

The resident is responsible for all damage caused to the apartment and property.

For example, if the following equipment breaks during the occupancy, the resident is responsible for the repair and must acquire a replacement at their own expense:

  • replacement of bulbs and fuses for fixed lighting
  • replacement of fridge and oven lamp
  • replacement of door buzzer batteries
  • smoke alarms with batteries (not in housing for the elderly)
  • antenna cable
  • curtain hangers
  • window handle
  • replacement of stones in the apartment sauna stove 

Different furniture and floor surfaces can react surprisingly to each other. It is recommended to equip furniture legs with felt pieces to avoid discoloration or other damage to the floors. These felt pieces are sold in hardware stores, among others. It is also recommended to avoid dragging heavy objects on the floor, so the floor cover will not retreat. In the worst case, the entire floor surface must be replaced, and the expenses invoiced to the resident.

You may also want to consider the amount of fastening equipment on the walls (plugs, hooks, etc.). If there are lots of hooks to be removed, it is possible that the wall surface of the apartment will have to be renewed extensively to conceal the dismounting traces. Even in this case, the expenses are invoiced to the resident.