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Machinery and equipment

Defrost the fridge once a month. Please make sure that the discharge outlet inside the refrigerator is clean to prevent melting water from draining onto the floor. Ice must not be removed mechanically e.g. with a knife.

Clean the floor under the fridge regularly when cleaning, as a lot of dust accumulates there because of air circulation.

About once a year, the background, compressor and condenser piping of the refrigeration unit must also be cleaned either by vacuuming or brushing. Cleaning extends the life of the machinery and reduces electricity consumption.

The cooker must also be cleaned regularly.

If the apartment does not have a connection for a dishwasher or washing machine and you want one, please note that the installation may only be done by a professional or by an expert business. This avoids possible water damage. Residents must pay for the connections themselves.

When removing the dishwasher, remember that the connections to the drain pipe and the water inlet pipe must be plugged, so that the water in the kitchen sink cannot drain into the cabinet below.

If you have installed a washing machine, keep in mind that the non-return valve must be functional so that dirt water cannot flow back into the water distribution system.

If possible, avoid drying laundry in the living quarters.