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Thank you for having you as our tenant!

Termination of the lease

A rental agreement on a residence must always be terminated with a signed notice. The period of notice is one calendar month, and the agreement expires at the end of the month following the termination. For example, if you want the rental agreement to expire on 31 May, termination must be made on 30 April at the latest. The sauna shift and parking space are terminated at the same time with the termination of the apartment.

Termination – in English You can print it here and return to our office.


Make a notice of change of address. Terminate your electricity agreement, home insurance policy and internet connection. Remember any other agreements and contracts also.


All the keys to the apartment, the key for the parking space and other keys must absolutely be returned to the office of Asuntopalvelu, by the date and time indicated in the termination form. Keys must not be left in the apartment. If not all keys are returned, the lock must be re-serialized and the invoice for this must be paid by the resident who is moving out. Any lost keys are charged for according to the table:

  • Apartment keys IQ, IQ protec and Iloq € 55 / each
  • Re-coding of keys € 120
  • Re-serialization of the lock in the apartment € 250
  • A padlock that uses the apartment key € 80

Cleaning before moving out

Before moving out, the apartment must be cleaned so that the new resident can move into the apartment right away. After the tenant has moved out, the apartment is inspected by verifying its condition and cleanliness. If the apartment has not been cleaned and items have been left in it, the cleaning expenses will be deducted from the security deposit or charged to the tenant who has moved out. Normal wear and tear due to living and the age of the apartment will be taken into account during the inspection. Worn and dirty surfaces are different things.

This is what you must do

Resident´s responsibilities