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Moving in

Rental agreement

The rental agreement of a residential apartment is made in writing either for an indefinite period or for a limited period. At the same time, an agreement can be made on a parking space.

Security deposit

Each rental of a residential apartment includes a security deposit of one month's rent. The deposit must be paid before signing the rental agreement. The landlord covers any post-removal expenses with the deposit. The deposit will be refunded within approximately two weeks after the apartment is empty and cleaned, the movables storage space has been emptied, all the keys have been returned, there is nothing in the apartment to be fixed outside normal wear and tear, and all rents and other charges have been taken care of.

Entry check

After the apartment is empty, the building manager checks the condition of the apartment and orders any necessary repairs. The new resident fills in the entry check form, indicating any faults in the apartment. This ensures that the new resident will not be liable for faults caused by others. The entry check form can also be found at

Notification of moving

The notification of moving and directing your mail to the new address should be done in good time. They can be done either online at, by phone at +358 295 535 535 (local network charge/mobile phone charge), or by using a form that is available from the post office or the local register office.

Electricity contract

The resident concludes an electricity contract with the electricity company of choice. The local electricity company is Lappeenrannan Energia Oy,, tel. +358 20 690 505.


The rent of Asuntopalvelu residents includes a basic cable TV service as well as a home broadband internet connection in Telia’s fibre-optic network. The broadband connection included in the rent is a 10 Mbit/s basic-speed connection that can be used to access the internet and manage daily banking, for example. The service is not available in special housing units.

The resident can also order extra internet speed as well as other additional services, such as Telia entertainment broadband or cable TV channel packages. The ultra-fast fibre connection allows you to use many computers and high-definition TV and entertainment services, depending on the speed of your building's internal network.

Sauna shift

A sauna shift is available at the customer service, even in connection with signing the apartment’s rental agreement. If you do not intend to use the sauna shift, please do not book it. Many buildings also have free, so-called joggers’ sauna shifts for men and women. Changes to sauna shifts can be requested from the customer service, tel. 0800 143 100 (select 1) or

Parking space

A parking space is also reserved from the office’s apartment rental (tel. 0800 143 100, select 1) and is subject to a separate rental agreement. The spaces are reserved for residents’ cars; visitor spaces are marked separately and are intended for short-term parking of residents’ guests. Parking spaces cannot be rented to visitors by a fixed-term contract. Terminate the parking space if the car no longer exists or the terms of the contract are not met. Termination is made in writing using a form on our website at or through the office's customer service.

Payment of rent

The rent must be paid in advance, on the second day of the month. If the rent payment is delayed, interest will begin to accumulate. We will send a collection letter with a reminder charge added. If the rent payment continues to be delayed, the case will be transferred to the debt collection agency. If you have any difficulties with payment, you should contact the rent control and agree on how to proceed. The contact details of the rent control are: and telephone service 0800 143 100 (select 2).